Tinder, Soul Swipe, and Online Dating Triggers

Swipe left. Left. Left. Left. Wait. I didn’t mean that. Undo. (Thanks, Premium). Uh… Never mind. Left. Left. Left. Left. That’s basically me on Tinder, Soul Swipe, bae, or any other dating app that’s out. I’ve gotten pretty numb to the guys out there. I mean, it’s now to the point where I can admit that […]

“He’ll Be Back.”

That’s what the members of my family tell me after learning that I’m no longer with the guy they met earlier this year, the guy that dropped everything he was doing to travel with me 100 miles when my grandfather was in the hospital due to a serious heart condition. Yea, that’s how he was […]

Your Facebook is Attracting the Wrong Guy

Your phone buzzes. You check your Facebook messages to see that you’ve been hit up by someone you went to college with. He’s saying hi and he hopes all is well. That seems nice and innocent so you mutually respond then go back to whatever you were doing. Later on, he sees how your day […]