Two Websites to Aid Your Job Search

We talk about the job search on here a lot. We want you to be prepared for the job interview so you can correctly answer all the questions asked and even know what questions to ask. But before you get to that stage, you gotta do your research. As you complete your application for Job You Want at Hopeful […]

6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Job Interview

Congrats, boo! You landed a job interview! Look at God and all that hard work paying off! Once the high of being a potential job candidate has died down, you need to start to prepare for your job interview. Job interviews can be a stressful part of the hiring process if you don’t plan accordingly. […]

#BrandMe: How to Brand Yourself in the Modern World

My friends often ask me how I, a twenty-four year old undergraduate student, stay so active in the job market. I have found that anyone can type a list of past work experiences and provide a list of references. The real question is what are you selling to job recruiters? In today’s job market, it is […]