6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Job Interview

Congrats, boo! You landed a job interview! Look at God and all that hard work paying off! Once the high of being a potential job candidate has died down, you need to start to prepare for your job interview. Job interviews can be a stressful part of the hiring process if you don’t plan accordingly. […]

Leading from the Bottom

As with many young professionals, your career usually commences with an entry level position. Entry level positions are oftentimes perceived unimportant because you believe you are coasting through attempting to become familiar with the company accompanied with a fear that no one values your opinion. Although you perceive that you are at the bottom of […]

Never Talk About Money or Religion: A Big Girl’s Guide to Pay

As Millenials, the economic forefront has been bad for much of our early adult lives. Many of us have struggled to find jobs in our fields. A few of us have even retreated to school to acquire a degree in hopes that it will get us to where we want to be. (I would be […]