Walking Away is So Hard: Why I Stayed

At some point I knew he wasn’t who I wanted him to be. But I stuck through it−him going on a weekend vacation with his ex, not having money to pay for dinner, not texting me when he returned from a trip out of town, and forcing me up against a wall as he wanted […]

Why I Thought I’d Become His Girlfriend

There was a period in college when I dated (and I say dated somewhat loosely) someone who kept me in the bae zone. By that, he never would completely “commit” and came up with many excuses to defend his position. Being the naive and #unchose girl that I was, I stayed and dealt. Years later, […]

The Decency of the Text

Anxiety began to build up. It was Sunday night and I wondered if he had arrived home from the Georgia/Florida game. I started to receive texts from the other girls to confirm that their boyfriends and #hims had returned from the weekend-long guys trip. I waited and waited for my iPhone to show that I […]