Family, Holidays, and Being Single: How to Deal

Not everyone enjoys the holidays. Beyond the good Thanksgiving and Christmas eating and paid time off, the holidays really are another opportunity to usher in familial shade. Every pound added will be discussed. Your occupation and educational choices will be dissected. And if you’re single, so will your lack of a #him. Grandmothers, aunts, and […]

[Almost] Everybody is Single. What.

You know how when we preface a statement with “everybody”, it really ends up applying to maybe two or three people? This is different. EVERYBODY is single. #WellActually, more than half of the U.S. adult population is #unchose. That’s right. We are the majority, finally! Well, sort of. Economist Edward Yardeni recently released a report that detailed […]

5 Ways of Being Content with Singledom

You are amazing! You have a budding career, an active social life, and a beautiful sleep schedule. Between work, church, and friends – there’s not enough time in the day! But there’s just one problem. You feel alone because you don’t have a special someone to call your own. Listen, if I’m being real – […]