You are amazing! You have a budding career, an active social life, and a beautiful sleep schedule. Between work, church, and friends – there’s not enough time in the day! But there’s just one problem. You feel alone because you don’t have a special someone to call your own. Listen, if I’m being real – I have these feelings occasionally. I love my busy life and I adore my alone time. However, sometimes in the midst of that one spare moment, being single gets to me. So! I am here to offer you some great ways to not only be content with being single, but to ENJOY your singlehood.

1. Connect with other singles.

You are not alone! There are literally MILLIONS of single people just like you, so get together with them! There are ton of activities that cater to parties of 1, and you need to be all up in them. Consider joining the Singles Ministry at your church, or collecting all of your single friends and their single friends for a SINGLES DAY OUT! Or, do what I do. Contribute to a community or network dedicated to single people. Focus on uplifting single folks in all walks of life.

2. EMBRACE being single.

Being single is not a death sentence. IT IS YOUR FREEDOM PAPER! You know that bed you don’t have to share, or those covers you can hog? Don’t you feel good when you walk into your place and everything is exactly where you left it? Isn’t it refreshing to come home to peace and quiet? Enjoy the perks of singledom! You don’t have to clean up after anyone, or start a passive aggressive argument because your significant other left dirty dishes in the sink – AGAIN! In fact, I challenge you to do things by yourself, on purpose.


Yeah, I said it.

Go see a movie. Snag a reservation for 1 at that impossible-to-get-into restaurant around the corner. Sit on a bench in the park and read a book. Hell, take a nap on that bench. You can do whatever you want. Why? Because you say so.

3. Unplug from work.

Being single is not an excuse to lose yourself in your day job. Making your career a priority above all else (even your sanity), can be detrimental. Avoiding your singlehood IS NOT accepting it. You’re supposed to be off work at 5? Shut your computer off at 4:50. No, you can’t stay late to do that one project. So what if that coworker you don’t like is always trying to upstage you. Get out into the world and leave work at work.

4. Sit still.

Live in your space and notice things. Pay attention to how you feel. Are you uneasy? Ask yourself why, and dig deep. You do not need a partner to define your awesomeness. Take some time to really be okay with who you are, and the anxiety at the possibility of becoming a part of #ForeverAlone will go away. Maybe. Possibly. I’m still working on it, so I’ll let you know.

5. Talk to God.

Whatever your religious affiliation, or if you have one at all, communicate with your deity. Talk to God, Allah, Buddha, etc., hell – yourself. Let God talk to you. If you have faith, lean on that. Know that whatever is meant for you will be for you. Consider Matthew 6:25-34.


Single is sexy. Single is serenity. Live in today, focus on the now. Work toward how you can make yourself happy every day.

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”


Published by Amaris

Amaris is a classically trained chef whose experience includes working at the Chilean Embassy, Disney World, and kitchens across the country. Skilled in savory as well as sweets, Amaris is currently running a corporate kitchen and managing Food La La, a culinary blog. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook @thefoodlala.

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