Stop Misspelling My Name. Please and Thanks.

Hey. Hope your day is going well. Can I tell you something? It won’t take long. Just lend me five minutes of your time, if that. Thanks! I just wanted to let you know that my name is Ashleigh. Not Ashley. Not Ashligh. Not Asheligh. Ashleigh. The first three letters are the easiest but the […]

An Open Letter to Black Girls That Attend and Plan Events

Sistren, we need to talk. Summer¬†is basically here¬†and this means several things. For one, it evokes the social butterfly out of many. Calendars become filled with weddings, birthday celebrations, cookouts, graduation parties, and casual engagements. Two, it is the true season of the stunt as many are flying out to get #chose or just floss […]

14 Things You Got to Stop Doing at Work

I’m going to assume that we all know that one person, or maybe several, that don’t know how to stay in line at work. Okay, maybe no one in particular is outwardly ratchet but there might be a few that occasionally do something every now and again that just ain’t right. To continue with the […]