These Jobs Ain’t Loyal (And You Shouldn’t Be Either)

I started my first real job a little more than five years ago. I hadn’t given much thought to my career trajectory but I just assumed I’d probably spend five or so years there and if I wasn’t at the position I wanted to be at I’d move on. I remember the shock and awe […]

This is Why You Hate Your Job

You swear it is because of the paycheck that drives you into the office. Actually, you know it. Because if your spaceship arrived right now, you’d be on it without any hesitation. Alas, the job you imagined this to be turned into something quite the opposite and now you’re pissed. But do you know why […]

You Need a Linkedin Account

Listen. According to Experian Hitwise, 86 million people are on Linkedin. That makes it the fourth popular social networking site, behind Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So why aren’t you on it? Not saying you need to sign up for every social media account, but I mean this one has benefits. Linkedin has been around for over ten […]