Balling on a Budget: Spend Time, Not Money

On the wake of a great summer, you’re probably scrolling through your last few bank statements and wondering if all of the activities you have partaken in over the past few months were really worth it. You’re scolding yourself for spending $75.54 plus tip at Hard Rock Café downtown when you went out for dinner […]

Book Clubs, Because that’s a thing?

Last week, I met with my Twitter Book Club (via Groupme, thank you technology!) for my first book club meeting. We read Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones. (Great book, and the author answers Twitter mobs/questions.) Thought I loved the book, what I really loved was the instant camaraderie and positive chemistry with the participants in […]

Dear Coworkers, We Can’t Be Facebook Friends

Fresh out of undergrad, I was naive. I thought it’d be a good idea to add my coworkers as friends on Facebook. I felt like it gave me a chance to see them outside of the 9-to-5 and vice versa. Maybe, I initially thought, they could see the other side of me that I don’t display in […]