Why He Doesn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day,” he says, slapping any hope of booed up festivities in the name of Cupid to the floor. You can say you don’t care and don’t celebrate it either just to appear to be unaffected, but let’s be honest. Some of you actually thought that the guy you’d been seeing would embrace […]

New Year’s Resolutions For What?

It’s December! Which means New Year’s resolutions time. Confession: I don’t like these things. They allow you to procrastinate. – “I don’t have to start eating healthy until January 1st! That means I have a whole month to eat an entire medium pizza for dinner every night.” Then they make you rush. – “Oh shoot, […]

Family, Holidays, and Being Single: How to Deal

Not everyone enjoys the holidays. Beyond the good Thanksgiving and Christmas eating and paid time off, the holidays really are another opportunity to usher in familial shade. Every pound added will be discussed. Your occupation and educational choices will be dissected. And if you’re single, so will your lack of a #him. Grandmothers, aunts, and […]