You Can’t Trust the Holiday Company Pot Luck

The gingerbread cookies in the break room, candy canes at the front desk, and paper snowflakes taped to¬†the walls are the corporate signs of year’s end. This normally activates the work holiday season. This time ushers in a more ‘laxed environment and plenty of opportunities to get together¬†outside of the conference room. Some companies have […]

Orange Accessories for the Fake Halloween Festive

Halloween is Friday. Beyond looking at the calendar, you knew this when you saw the orange, black, and purple lights hanging off your neighbors balcony or when you noticed your coworker adorned her cubicle with faux spider web. You also peeped this when you grabbed a bag of M&M’s from her ceramic pumpkin-shaped candy bowl. […]

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Unchose

Being single on the day most lauded for those in relationships can really suck, but it doesn’t have to. Along with putting up the appropriate filters on Tweetdeck and avoiding Instagram, here are seven ideas to help you enjoy the day without a bae. Go to work or school. Um, it’s Friday and unless there […]