I Found Two Degrees, But Not My Soulmate

Let’s make it clear. I wanted to get married to a “college sweetheart”. Life plan: Meet someone sophomore year. Get engaged senior year. Be married. Actual life: Met someone sophomore year. Screwed things up. Got engaged senior year. Worst. Decision. Ever. Two degrees later with an exciting and promising career, I can’t help but be […]

How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

First off, let me explain my situation: I met my boyfriend in 2008. His mom found out I wanted to become a nurse and referred me to a school in Puerto Rico. Two years into the relationship, his mom told me once more, “You need to go to Puerto Rico.” Call me crazy, but I […]

5 Things I Should Do Before My 30s

I often scoff at older people when they get the glassy-look in their eyes whilst recalling their 20s. I wondered how other people enjoyed their twenties, while I simply endure it. So eventually, I decided perhaps the problem was with me, and the onus was on my mindset to ensure that I enjoy the last 5 […]