Declutter Your Life

I recently had to declutter my computer. For those of you that spend A LOT of time on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone know exactly what I mean. I had so many things on my MacBook that took up space and slowed it down. Though I have a terabit external hard drive, there were things on my laptop […]

It’s Okay to Burn That Bridge

After looking at the remnants of the charred relationship, friendship, or opportunity, at times we attempt to salvage what is left. We send texts to pacify our original thoughts. We wear smiles to eradicate a negative opinion. We overwhelm ourselves with responsibility to prove our loyalty. By attempting to put together the pieces of what is left, […]

New Year’s Resolutions For What?

It’s December! Which means New Year’s resolutions time. Confession: I don’t like these things. They allow you to procrastinate. – “I don’t have to start eating healthy until January 1st! That means I have a whole month to eat an entire medium pizza for dinner every night.” Then they make you rush. – “Oh shoot, […]