Leading from the Bottom

As with many young professionals, your career usually commences with an entry level position. Entry level positions are oftentimes perceived unimportant because you believe you are coasting through attempting to become familiar with the company accompanied with a fear that no one values your opinion. Although you perceive that you are at the bottom of […]

9 Tips That’ll Make You A Great Intern

You got through the mounds of resumes and somehow your interview polished it off. So now what? Here are a few mental notes that will make you a stellarly great intern.  Getcha butt to work on time and show up. If you’re late for whatever reason, let someone know immediately. And stay after to make […]

The Benefits of Internships

There comes a point in one’s career when he or she simply can’t tweak that summer retail experience for their benefit. The mall, fast food, and clothing store knowledge doesn’t always translate into the entry-level role you desire post graduation. At this point, you should have a few credit hours behind you. However, you’re not […]