If you’re interested in contributing to unchose, you must be:

  • Black and female, obviously.
  • Able to write and have an understanding of the English language, grammar, and syntax.
  • Candid. This isn’t an opportunity to bash or project, but be open with one another.
  • Familiar with the topics discussed on the site.

If you’re still interested, fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you shortly. If you have not heard from someone within two weeks, submit your post again.

Topics/Story Ideas

You don’t have to be a regular contributor to write for unchose. If you have a story related to any of the following, please contact us so we can share your experience and knowledge.

  • How to Date as a Single Mom
  • When I Found Out He Cheated, I…
  • Instagram Destroyed My Relationship
  • Why I Didn’t Stay “For the Family”