Your Facebook is Attracting the Wrong Guy

Your phone buzzes. You check your Facebook messages to see that you’ve been hit up by someone you went to college with. He’s saying hi and he hopes all is well. That seems nice and innocent so you mutually respond then go back to whatever you were doing. Later on, he sees how your day […]

Why I’d Rather Do Without the Facebook Relationship Status

Let’s face it; in today’s dating world, it means a lot to some women to become what is called “Facebook official” with their beaus. It’s almost like the engagement ring of a budding relationship—you go to Facebook and update your profile to read “in a relationship” and then you smile absentmindedly as you then type […]

Dear Coworkers, We Can’t Be Facebook Friends

Fresh out of undergrad, I was naive. I thought it’d be a good idea to add my coworkers as friends on Facebook. I felt like it gave me a chance to see them outside of the 9-to-5 and vice versa. Maybe, I initially thought, they could see the other side of me that I don’t display in […]