New Year’s Resolutions For What?

It’s December! Which means New Year’s resolutions time. Confession: I don’t like these things. They allow you to procrastinate. – “I don’t have to start eating healthy until January 1st! That means I have a whole month to eat an entire medium pizza for dinner every night.” Then they make you rush. – “Oh shoot, […]

Balling on a Budget: Spend Time, Not Money

On the wake of a great summer, you’re probably scrolling through your last few bank statements and wondering if all of the activities you have partaken in over the past few months were really worth it. You’re scolding yourself for spending $75.54 plus tip at Hard Rock Café downtown when you went out for dinner […]

Why I’d Rather Do Without the Facebook Relationship Status

Let’s face it; in today’s dating world, it means a lot to some women to become what is called “Facebook official” with their beaus. It’s almost like the engagement ring of a budding relationship—you go to Facebook and update your profile to read “in a relationship” and then you smile absentmindedly as you then type […]