Why You Can’t Stand Your Older Black Coworkers

My first job out of college did not really embrace diversity. Most of my coworkers were white males which is obviously, nothing like black ole me. So I was delighted to see so many more black people in a variety of positions in my following role. On my first day, I remember seeing many of […]

Inexpensive, Yet Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Coworkers

Deck the halls and all that good stuff. December is finally here! This means a shorter work month, vacation time, and quieter offices. That’s enough for holiday cheer to be ushered in. Well, it is for me. And though I’m not gung ho about the company pot luck and I try to not let my coworkers get […]

The Coworkers You Need to Befriend

Okay, so you just got to this new job and you don’t know anybody. The Black folks you work with have been cordial but they’re still feeling you out so you haven’t pulled a new bestie yet. That’s fine. There is still time. And you’re not trying to force lifelong friendships anyway; you just want someone […]