The ProBAEte: Social Media’s Relationship Revealer

About six weeks ago, your homegirl went dark. Well, not completely, but sometimes it would take her longer to respond to your texts. And she wasn’t anywhere to be found during prime live-tweeting hours. Occasionally, you’d see a hint of life as she posted ambiguous photos on Facebook. You knew she was alive though. I mean, […]

Your Facebook is Attracting the Wrong Guy

Your phone buzzes. You check your Facebook messages to see that you’ve been hit up by someone you went to college with. He’s saying hi and he hopes all is well. That seems nice and innocent so you mutually respond then go back to whatever you were doing. Later on, he sees how your day […]

You Need a Linkedin Account

Listen. According to Experian Hitwise, 86 million people are on Linkedin. That makes it the fourth popular social networking site, behind Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So why aren’t you on it? Not saying you need to sign up for every social media account, but I mean this one has benefits. Linkedin has been around for over ten […]