Leaving the Dating Failures in 2015

We are less than a day away from 2016. Wow. The year really flew by. But honestly, I’m ready for next year. 2015 was an extension of 2014: a year of lessons and growth. I really learned a lot in every aspect of my life. Especially when it comes to relationships. I am a firm believer […]

How to Get Out of the Talking Stage

One of the worst things about dating is when you get in that comfortable lull with someone. You know, when you start texting each other back and forth, enjoying Netflix and chilling, and basking in being boo’d up. This stage, better known as the talking stage, can get you caught up and stuck if you’re […]

Why ‘I Love You’ Doesn’t Mean Anything

The movies make the phrase “I love you” a big deal. You know, it’s said when one party realizes that this person is the one for them. In the romcoms, it usually escalates the relationship to the next level. When we were kids, that usually meant physical intimacy. But the times have changed. Growing up made us […]