Should You Date Your Coworker?

Maybe he is your work husband. Maybe he just started working there. Or maybe you just looked up and noticed this attractive morsel of a man when you went into the break room during lunch. Regardless of how it began, you realize that you’re starting to catch feelings for your coworker. The walks to Starbucks, flirtatious e-mail banter, […]

What You [Probably] Deal with When You Tell Him You’re Celibate

Celibacy isn’t really something we’ve talked about here, yet it should be appreciated. To become celibate or maintain one’s celibacy requires a lot of focus, determination, and strength. However, this is not heralded in today’s dating world thus making it hard for celibate girls to thrive. So when one does start to get to know someone and […]

Meeting the Parents (Isn’t So Bad After All)

Soon after my boyfriend and I made it official, we decided that I should probably meet the parents. Since they live in the same town, we arranged for me to visit their home on a Saturday evening. My married coworker, who is always eager to give unsolicited relationship advice, told me to dress conservatively. Moms […]