Meeting the Parents (Isn’t So Bad After All)

Soon after my boyfriend and I made it official, we decided that I should probably meet the parents. Since they live in the same town, we arranged for me to visit their home on a Saturday evening. My married coworker, who is always eager to give unsolicited relationship advice, told me to dress conservatively. Moms […]

Why I Thought I’d Become His Girlfriend

There was a period in college when I dated (and I say dated somewhat loosely) someone who kept me in the bae zone. By that, he never would completely “commit” and came up with many excuses to defend his position. Being the naive and #unchose girl that I was, I stayed and dealt. Years later, […]

What to Expect as His First Girlfriend

He’s charming, family-oriented, and great to be around. After a month or so of dating, the guy you’ve been seeing presents the opportunity of exclusivity. You nod in acceptance as he has been nothing but the perfect gentleman during your pre-courtship. Then, one day, you realize he’s never discussed any ex-girlfriends with you. Girls he’s […]