about unchose

Once upon a time, unchose was a lifestyle magazine for the young, Black woman. It featured stories and articles on many topics such as work & career, education, style, finances, and so on.

But times have changed. A little.

unchose is a now relationship blog that focuses on the struggles, self-examinations, and epiphanies that come with being a single, Black woman. Because, as you know, the single, Black woman is often pitied and whatnot. unchose hopes to share experiences and continue to add dimensions of this demographic as we are complex individuals.

Previous unchose posts will remain on the website.

unchose is led by Ashleigh, a digital communicator that has experienced her share of relationship woes and goes.

The goals of unchose are

  1. To share advice and stories to like-minded individuals.
  2. To dispel any rumors or myths that deem black women as basket cases, sob stories, or desperate.
  3. To prevent women from making mistakes many others have made.
  4. To humanize a demographic that’s been bastardized in the media.

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