How to Decide on Friendship with the Ex

It’s interesting how much the notion of friendship with ex boyfriends or girlfriends differs based on the person. I once knew someone who ended communication immediately after the relationship ended, and he was extremely perplexed that I still spoke to some of mine. For me, when I’m in a relationship, I spend so much time […]

Balling on a Budget: Spend Time, Not Money

On the wake of a great summer, you’re probably scrolling through your last few bank statements and wondering if all of the activities you have partaken in over the past few months were really worth it. You’re scolding yourself for spending $75.54 plus tip at Hard Rock Café downtown when you went out for dinner […]

No Love Lost: Maintaining a LDR with Your Best Friend

Happy Best Friend Day! One (horrid) symptom of growing up is mobility and finding yourself hours away from some of the people you hold near and dear, particularly your best friend. I actually met my best friend in high school (we celebrated our 10 year best friendaversary at the beginning of this month with sappy […]