Declutter Your Life

I recently had to declutter my computer. For those of you that spend A LOT of time on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone know exactly what I mean. I had so many things on my MacBook that took up space and slowed it down. Though I have a terabit external hard drive, there were things on my laptop […]

Re-up Your Scarf Game with These Affordable Scarves

Have you ever had that one jacket or sweater that always seems to snap the hairs at the back of your neck? No? Well, I had plenty of those moments and got fed up because I need those hairs. But once I started to wear scarves, I never looked back. Scarves prevented my little baby hairs from […]

Not Today, Sickness: How to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

I absolutely hate being sick. There are only two things that actually benefit you when you’re sick: losing weight and being catered to. I live vicariously through the young during these times, because when I am sick, I still have to work or attend school—they do not. So, to avoid getting sick this winter, there are […]