Have you ever had that one jacket or sweater that always seems to snap the hairs at the back of your neck? No? Well, I had plenty of those moments and got fed up because I need those hairs. But once I started to wear scarves, I never looked back. Scarves prevented my little baby hairs from being snatched and I started investing in more. For my frugal girls, I found many of my scarves on sale for less than $8.00 in places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls during the summer. But now that I have convinced you to start wearing scarves and build your collection, here are some of my faves that will never go out of season and are fairly affordable.

Scarves are my staple fall and winter go to items. Right now I own about 15 and its steadily increasing now that my friends know that I love a good scarf. Not only does it prevent my baby hairs from getting snatched, but also it also prevents me from getting sick, shields my skin from the cold, and also makes my dull and boring sweater or long sleeved shirt into a cute ensemble. It’s that one accessory that you don’t have to fool around with to make it look good on you. There are about 25 ways to wear a scarf and no matter the way you wear it, it always looks good.

Where did you get your favorite affordable scarf?

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