Jog for Your Life. No, Seriously.

Mild to moderate joggers have a longer life-span. Well, that’s what this Copenhagen City Heart Study suggests. Forbes detailed the study: The team from Denmark followed over 5000 people taking part in the Copenhagen City Heart Study, and tracked whether they were non-joggers, or joggers who kept a slow, moderate, or strenuous pace. The participants’ health […]

How We All Can Care More

You’ve heard of those stories where someone going down the drive-thru line at a fast food spot decided to pay for the car behind them? Well, that general idea of “paying it forward” is what fuels the New York-based organization Care More. Care More, as described on its website, believes that “every act of caring counts.” We […]

You Can’t Trust the Holiday Company Pot Luck

The gingerbread cookies in the break room, candy canes at the front desk, and paper snowflakes taped to the walls are the corporate signs of year’s end. This normally activates the work holiday season. This time ushers in a more ‘laxed environment and plenty of opportunities to get together outside of the conference room. Some companies have […]