I often scoff at older people when they get the glassy-look in their eyes whilst recalling their 20s. I wondered how other people enjoyed their twenties, while I simply endure it. So eventually, I decided perhaps the problem was with me, and the onus was on my mindset to ensure that I enjoy the last 5 years of my twenties. So, being the list maker that I am, I have come up with a list of woolrich Arctic Anorak things I should do before I turn 30.

A note to the 30 somethings: I am very misguided, since I am only 25 so if you have some better ideas on how to enjoy my 20s be sure to guide me to the correct path.

  1. Make mistakes so I can be smug in my 30s when I’m “wiser”.
    I’m not sure what these mistakes might entail, but I surmise that being wrong will make me feel better about being barely right later.
  2. Probably start donating to my 401k.
    I feel like maybe now would be a good time to start planning for my future. Saving is saving. Or whatever. Eat ramen today so I can filet mignon in the future.
  3. Decide what “Enjoying my 20s” means.
    This is the hardest because my definition of “enjoying” seems to not be the mainstream definition for people my age. I enjoy doing nothing. Just sitting in bed and watching TV and not really doing productive things, to counteract the 40 hours of productivity I am forced to contribute for income purposes. But most people my age like “going out” and “having fun”. But, considering I hope to have my 30s to be my child bearing and rearing years, I may never get to nap or sleep in my 30s. So maybe napping and sleeping is “enjoying my 20s”. This is what I have to decide. Preferably sooner than later.
  4. Find a workout activity I don’t hate.
    As nature takes its course and my metabolism evaporates, I should probably find some form of physical activity I don’t despise that I can do multiple times a week. Fingers crossed on that one.
  5. Learn something once a year to keep my mind “fresh”.
    Right now I’m learning wine. But I also have languages and other arts I would like to learn. The hope is to continue to learn things to become a greater, more well-rounded being. In January, I’m actually taking a free course from Yale about Greek architecture from a website called Coursera. (This is no endorsement, I’m just really excited.)
My past five years have been very eventful, but now that I’m out of school I think I need to fill woolrich Arctic Jacke the next five to leave myself little time to sulk. Hopefully, with this list in tow, I’ll be able to look back in five years and wistfully note that the 20s where the best years of my life.

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I am a first generation Nigerian-American residing in Dallas, TX. Born and raised (translation: bred and buttered) in Mississippi, I consider myself a melting pot of Southern hospitality and Yoruba culture. While my profession and passion is in digital advertising, I spend a lot of my spare time working towards my dream of being a full-time blogger. Have a question? Shoot me an email at adedoyin@unchose.com. I don't bite, unless if you're a cupcake.

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