Many men fear the friend zone. They view it is a place of no return. When a woman is comfortable enough to be scantily clad in their presence but not for their presence woolrich outlet and all hopes of possible carnal interaction evaporates. Men have identified this as their sworn enemy grounds, and have developed tactics to wage war against this undesired placement.

However, women have a zone that is equally as potentially harmful to our goal to establish a mature, reciprocal relationship. However, since many women are not aware of such a zone, they are often left defenseless from lack of proper planning and pseudo-militant tactics.

What is this zone you ask? The Bae Zone. Confused? Let me explain.

The Bae Zone is a needlessly prolonged state where you assume you are in an almost-relationship with a guy but he hasn’t asked you to take the next step with him.

At first, you assure yourself that he is just taking his time but after some time you find yourself in the same stagnant state–you’re the kind-of girl that gives him all the girlfriend comforts he wants without having to commit.

Sounds familiar? You and I have probably been in this place before.

So now that we’ve established the enemy zone. How do we combat it? Truth is, I’m not entirely sure yet so I will try to help you with my failures. I’ve tried guerrilla tactics such as activating the “black woman neck roll” power move and angrily demanding a promotion, or at the very least, a status meeting. That didn’t work much- men are like deer, easily frightened or whatever when you come charging at them. I’ve tried waiting through (for 6 months – a year) to see if he’d come around. Didn’t work either, he was good and comfortable in the arrangement that he had created and I had unknowingly found myself in.

My only guess is maybe I shouldn’t readily woolrich online give the “girlfriend comforts” without the confines of a relationship. Meaning, keep an open mind while you are getting to know someone. Know that you like them but you liking them doesn’t obligate you to be committed to someone you haven’t made the commitment step with. We are all now adults and keep communication lines clear. Be ready to be real with yourself and watch for the signs that will surely tell you when you are approaching the Bae Zone. Good luck, it’s war out there!

Credits: Nathan Congleton

Published by AdeDoyin

I am a first generation Nigerian-American residing in Dallas, TX. Born and raised (translation: bred and buttered) in Mississippi, I consider myself a melting pot of Southern hospitality and Yoruba culture. While my profession and passion is in digital advertising, I spend a lot of my spare time working towards my dream of being a full-time blogger. Have a question? Shoot me an email at I don't bite, unless if you're a cupcake.

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