Book Clubs, Because that’s a thing?

Last week, I met with my Twitter Book Club (via Groupme, thank you technology!) for my first book club meeting. We read Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones. (Great book, and the author answers Twitter mobs/questions.) Thought I loved the book, what I really loved was the instant camaraderie and positive chemistry with the participants in […]

Another Reason to Love Starbucks: Free College Education for Employees

Yes, your favorite stop before work or class will now pay the online education costs for many of its 135,000 employees.  Starbucks will provide tuition to eligible baristas through its new partnership with Arizona State University. Focusing on the glaring statistic that almost half of college students do not finish their degrees, Starbucks launched a […]

I Found Two Degrees, But Not My Soulmate

Let’s make it clear. I wanted to get married to a “college sweetheart”. Life plan: Meet someone sophomore year. Get engaged senior year. Be married. Actual life: Met someone sophomore year. Screwed things up. Got engaged senior year. Worst. Decision. Ever. Two degrees later with an exciting and promising career, I can’t help but be […]