“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day,” he says, slapping any hope of booed up festivities in the name of Cupid to the floor. You can say you don’t care and don’t celebrate it either just to appear to be unaffected, but let’s be honest. Some of you actually thought that the guy you’d been seeing would embrace the day and go all out for you. Maybe some of you also figured that he would take the next step and ask you to become exclusive. I mean, all a girl wants sometimes is a good dinner at a nice restaurant which gives us an excuse to get dolled up for the guy she adores. But he doesn’t want that. But why. Why doesn’t he celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you’re reading this and hoping to gain some sort of insight on your bae, keep on, girl.

He’s too cheap and/or broke.

For him, Valentine’s Day is corporate capitalism disguised as a display of affection that he just can’t afford. Maybe he hasn’t articulated this to you because, well, he’s ashamed. Or angry. Possibly a combination of both. Either way, he treats this day like another day to deal.

He’s heartbroken from a previous relationship.

If you’re a rebound girl or if he has one past relationship he really harps on a lot, this might make sense to you. Do you know why he broke up with his ex? Did she cheat on him? Did she steal money from him? Did she belittle and emasculate him? How long were they together? Was he in love with her? Is he truly over her? The answers to some of those questions might provide an epiphany. He might have celebrated Valentine’s Day with her and their split basically bastardized the holiday for him. There might not be much you can do here but let him heal on his own terms.

He’s not really into you like that.

Sis, you might just be an easy lay and person he can tolerate enough to get the goods. I’m sorry. That was possibly too blunt, but hey. You kept reading. If he has never had a girlfriend before and/or still harboring the hurt from his ex, he doesn’t want to make more out of this day than what it is. Just another day. And you’re just a girl he texts and lays up under from time to time. Celebrating Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day makes your baeship into something more and it’s really not. :\

More than likely, one (or two or three) of the reasons stated above are why he’s #nah to the holiday. You can always ask him to be completely certain. If his disdain appears to be indicative of his stance in your [possibly budding] relationship, you need to figure out if it’s worth continuing or not. Don’t stick with something based off the potential—your time is too precious to waste. And hey, for what’s it worth, you can always do something on Valentine’s Day without him.

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