Stressed. Pissed. Frustrated. Confused. Hurt. The feelings of a terminated relationship can hit you in waves. Despite how and why it ended, it ended and that, sometimes, is the worst part.

It particularly sucks when you put everything into the relationship. You might have done some things you don’t normally do. You acted out of character to become this selfless person for this person you cared for. This was the ONE moment you let your guard down. You hoped this was going to to work out; you hoped he was going to be the one. But something happened and now it’s over. And you’re distraught and broken.

Even though this relationship is done, I need you to know something.

You are not a failure.

Despite what you did to get this relationship or what you did to try to keep the relationship afloat does not make you a bad person. It makes you human. You did what you were supposed to do–you cared and sacrificed. The sad reality is that sometimes, relationships end. Swallow that truth, sis. Enjoy a good cry or two. Don’t linger on the what if’s. Don’t let this be the catalyst for a colder, less sensitive you. Take this for what it was, a lesson learned, and slowly begin to move forward.

It’s going to be okay, boo. I promise.

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Ashleigh is a recent M.S. graduate from Northeastern University. She works as an interactive designer in Atlanta and loves dogs, Netflix, and great food. Oh, also the creator and designer of this here shindig you are reading right now. View my impersonal personal blog @

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