What to Expect as His First Girlfriend

He’s charming, family-oriented, and great to be around. After a month or so of dating, the guy you’ve been seeing presents the opportunity of exclusivity. You nod in acceptance as he has been nothing but the perfect gentleman during your pre-courtship. Then, one day, you realize he’s never discussed any ex-girlfriends with you. Girls he’s talked to in the past, yes, but no one really serious. Curious, you asked him why you haven’t heard about any exes. And then he responds with something you never even thought of:

He’s never had a girlfriend before.

As the words echo in your mind, you begin to realize what this means. You’re his first girlfriend. You’re the first person he’s decided to actually commit to. You’re both flattered and disturbed.  I mean after all, he is a grown man. But what does all of this mean? Let me explain.

He might want you to meet his family sooner than later.

Since you’re the first girl he really values, he will want to show you off to his family and friends. This can be good and bad. Good in the sense of him wanting to immerse you into what means a lot to him but bad because it’s just too soon.

He might lapse back into #bae behavior.

Guys that have never been someone’s boyfriend can revert back to their old ways, which means foolishness. If he starts picking random fights, not responding to your phone calls or texts, or begins to act childish in any manner, you know what it is.

He might utter “I love you” before knowing what that really means.

He’s all caught up in his feelings and might let those sacred words slip out of his mouth before even fully realizing what that means. Don’t reciprocate by saying the same if you don’t mean it because, girl…

Regardless of his past relationship experiences, focus on the current. You are his first girlfriend and now you know what lies ahead of you. Let the relationship flourish. Good luck!

Credits: Katie Tegtmeyer