Anyone with a Twitter account and a light workload can tell you that anything goes on the Internet. No topic is too taboo to be discussed. And the same goes for Facebook. Many a cousin or auntie have gone on about their lives and opinions on a status. Such posts make social media almost like sitting in a food court—you’ll see a little bit of any and everything. This includes ridiculous dating standards. Women and men will often go on and on and on about what they will and won’t accept from a future partner. To be quite honest, a lot of these social media dating standards are just silly and superficial such as

…Judging restaurant selections.

You don’t really have to go to a 5-star restaurant every time y’all go out. To be honest, you don’t need to shade the restaurants that bring you complimentary bread. The point of a dinner date is to enjoy food, company, and conversation. Don’t get caught up in the fact that he took you to Olive Garden instead of Maggiano’s. He’s paying for the meal, right? And you can spend $200 in Applebees TBH. Think of it this way—he could be a little bit short on money but wanted to take you out OR he’s saving up for something better later. First date impressions are one thing, but don’t let that be the main reason you turned him away.

…Refusing to go dutch.

#Bae might be a few days away from his next paycheck but he wanted to get something to eat and spend some time with you. So when he asked if y’all could go halfsies this one time, don’t flinch. If this is a regular occurrence, you should either one, be used to it or two, end the relationship if this is a big issue. Sometimes, going dutch is a nice gesture to show him that “hey boo, I’ll put in on it too.”

…Not using coupons on a date.

Don’t sleep on a good Groupon. A man that uses coupons might be cheap or maybe he found a deal that he wants to share with you. Have you seen the helicopter ride for 2 deal? Yea, it may be 40% off but girl, just think about the overall experience. That’s #romantic.

…Refusing to date someone with an active Twitter account.

Girl, every guy isn’t a #son. There are bad representations of every type of person everywhere—work, church, the club, the side of the street, etc. Just because he spends time on social media accounts doesn’t always mean that he’s going to be flirting with a variety of women on each one. Plus, don’t let your past dictate your present or something #fakedeep like that.

…Not dating a man without a degree.

Allegedly, less than 20% of African-American males hold a Bachelor degree. Bruh. Do you know how many “good jobs” “pay well” and don’t require a degree? The information technology field is one. According to Glassdoor, the average IT job pays $70,000 annually. And what about the men that decided to serve our country? They can be just as charming as the guy with the MBA.

…Refusing to date someone that makes less than you.

So you’re not going to date a teacher? Or what if he’s fresh out of college? How many entry-level jobs do you know of that make over $55k? You see where I’m going with this. His salary isn’t as important as him being able to manage the money he receives once or twice a month. He might do more with his $40k than you do with your $65k.

…Not dating a man without a car.

If you live in a metropolitan area that has commercial and residential properties within close proximity of each other, then I can understand why one might ditch their ride in exchange for a bike or just their feet. Some areas might have better transportation systems, so driving isn’t that necessary. And again, he might be saving money for whatever reason. If you live close to him, maybe there isn’t anything wrong with a bit of exercise incorporated in the date. Or maybe he’ll fetch a cab to pick you up. Maybe.

In short, don’t be so judgmental. Look at the entire picture before making your decision to push ole boy to the curb. If you can do this, maybe you’ll find that you really enjoy endless appetizers for $10 at TGIFriday and a great person to be around. Good luck!

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