Depending on your age, profession, and level of financial stability, you and yours might not be able to afford too many $200 dates. And that’s okay. Sometimes you just want to spend some quality time without breaking the bank. And hanging out at the crib and watching Netflix gets old sorta quickly. The following cheap date ideas should help your struggle when gas is low, money is tight, and that next paycheck is a week out.

1. Attend a matinee

So instead of dinner and a movie, just go see the movie when the old folks do. And if one of you are still in school (or your ID is still in your wallet), you might even get the student discount. Plus, not as many people show up to the movies in the middle of the day, so y’all could actually be the only ones in the theater. #floss #stunt

2. Opt for brunch or lunch instead of dinner

Girl, opt for 5 oz. instead of 7 and get your lunch date on. Some restaurants offer the same portion size for a cheaper amount just because it’s earlier in the day (read: not as busy). And since spring is on the horizon, you could even sit outside and enjoy the warm weather and #him.

3. Walk in the park

You don’t even have to get super dressed up for this one either. Strolls are the best opportunity to talk and exercise at the same time. If y’all are competitive, incorporate mini-challenges. Winner treats the other to ice cream.

4. Find a community service project

There is always an opportunity to help out, whether you reach out to a local non-profit or just grab a few trash bags and clean up your community. Besides, bae is so cute when he’s being all humble.

5. Go to church

If both of you believe in God, this is the perfect time to bond on a deeper level. Find a church if you two don’t have a church home and get your praise and worship on. You might learn more about him just by how he interacts during the service. And hey, you’ll have the rest of the day to just do nothing together.

Do you have any other date ideas for the frugal? I, I mean we, would love to hear. Share your cheap date ideas below!

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