My face isn’t clear. I go to the dermatologist for such. He prescribes a fading cream (don’t) to help with the darker spots. He warns me, though, that this prescription is expensive and not covered by my insurance (because almost every other medicine is–#privilege). I’m told to shop around, as this might run me $50. Sheesh. But I deal, because my face isn’t clear.

I lost my prescription. After finding out that it might be cheaper at Walmart, I immediately called the dermatology office to get another prescription written. It took a few days, but I finally got the call back from the receptionist to get the prescription sent to the pharmacy of my choice. Well, I work across the street from a Walmart, so send it there, I tell her. She does.

I forgot (briefly) that I sent this prescription in. Before grabbing lunch yesterday, I stopped by.

“I’m here for the prescription for Ashleigh,” I tell the pharmacist.

He looks me up in the system.

“You know, this is expensive,” he tells me.

“Yes, I know.”

The pharmacist looks down at the computer and types for a few seconds. “It’ll be $90.”

I give him an uneasy look. He reciprocates.

“There might be coupons available online. Try GoodRX,” he says.

After I tell him I’ll come back for it tomorrow, I thank him and return to work. $90? Geez, Louise, I think to myself.

So today, I forgot (briefly) about GoodRX. As I was heading to pick up the prescription, I remembered. (Because, $90.) I went to the website and it asked for the name of the medicine and the area code of the pharmacy I was picking it up from. I typed this in and stared in amazement when I saw a coupon for $20.



I eagerly printed off the coupon and went back to the Walmart. Upon recognizing me, the pharmacist asked if I found a coupon. I handed it to him as he rang up my cream.

“Wow. That’s a better deal than I expected. I figured you were going to get 40, at least 50% off. This is almost 75% off.”

Well, favor ain’t fair. “Yea, me too,” I remarked.

I paid for my $20 fading cream and went back to work as normal. But I feel that good things get returned to you when you share good news. So, this is me, Ashleigh, sharing the good news of discounted prescription coupons with you. I hope you bookmark this website and never feel oppressed by prescription prices again.

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Ashleigh is a recent M.S. graduate from Northeastern University. She works as an interactive designer in Atlanta and loves dogs, Netflix, and great food. Oh, also the creator and designer of this here shindig you are reading right now. View my impersonal personal blog @

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  1. GIRL. Because. My dermatologist prescriptions ran me $150 the first time with three discount cards and after asking for generics if they were available. Still pricey, yes, but I’d have been paying upwards of $300 otherwise.

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